Mehmet Öğütçü


Mehmet Öğütçü

Chairman, Global Resources Partnership; Chairman, London Energy Club

An international authority on energy-water-food nexus, investment, geopolitics, climate change and future projections. He currently chairs the Global Resources Partnership, which invests in natural resources and energy worldwide, headquartered in London. He is also the founding president of The Bosphorus Energy Club and The London Energy Club. Advisory board chair for the Middle East Institute in Washington.

He was the youngest advisor to the late prime minister Turgut Özal. Until 1994, he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara, Beijing, Brussels and Paris on security, economics and energy diplomacy. He was the principal administrator of the Asia-Pacific and Latin America division at the International Energy Agency in Paris. He later served as the head of the investment outreach at the OECD.

He moved to senior management of British Gas in London. He became chairman of the International Advisory Board of the high-tech company Invensys plc. He served as an independent member of the board of directors at Yaşar Holding, Genel Energy plc and Şişecam, which are listed on the London and Istanbul Stock Exchanges.

He is a graduate of Mülkiye, London School of Economics and College d’Europe. He teaches at Harvard, Reading, Dundee and Tsinghua Universities. He regularly comments on CNN, BBC, Habertürk, Asharq, France-24, Bloomberg, Ekoturk, TvNet and many national/international channels. Columnist, inter alia, for Capital, CEOLife, OECD Observer, Moscow Times, Tehran Times, China Daily.

He is fluent in English, French and conversational Chinese.